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「FUJIMI CLUB」is a communication platform for all the residents of Fujimi House.

To enrich your spare time and provide more communication opportunities, a series of events, such as TEA PARTY, KIMONO PARTY, JAPANESE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT PARTY, BBQ, will be held in the near future. And your friends are also welcome. Furthermore, Japanese who are interested in foreign culture and would like to communicate with foreigners will also be invited to join the events. You can take the chance to improve your Japanese and make friends with Japanese people. The information of events will be shown on our homepage. Any feedback, picture and advice are always welcome.

‘introducing your friends to Fujimihouse to get 3000yen worth of Coupons!’

FUJIMI-HOUSE CO., LTD. is pleased to announce you all our new campaign.

We would like to give 3000yen worth of Coupons which can be used in various restaurants, Izakaya and a fast-food franchise in Tokyo.

There are only two conditions for the campaign
  1. the person you introduced lives in Fujimihouse’s properties longer than 3 month.
  2. giving us notice by the time your friends do contract with us.

We will give you 3000yen coupons per person you introduced.

Fortunately, we have been getting very good reputations from many current residents and ex-residents from all over the world since Fujimi House started the business in 2009. Some residents have kindly introduced us their friends personally; however we have never officially been able to get a chance to show our appreciation to these residents. That’s why we started this campaign.

So please take an advantage of this opportunity by contacting us if you know anyone who is having problems with searching apartments/Guest houses in Tokyo!

Nobuko Yoshinaga