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Политика конфиденциальности

About privacy policy

Your personal information will be managed with the strictest confidence as per our privacy policy.

Basic Policy
  • With the purpose expressed clearly, the personal information will be collected, used and offered on a fair and legal basis.
  • Proper management will be carried out to prevent personal information from leaking. In addition, regarding the problems of improper access from outside, loss, damage, falsification and leaking of personal information, the proper and rational precaution measures are also enforced. And efforts also have been made to ensure prompt actions when trouble happened.
  • We will take customers’ right into consideration and try not to make any harm to customers when collecting and using personal information.
  • Any behavior that will do any harm to privacy protection will be absolutely forbidden.

May 2009
Fujimi House Co.,Ltd

About treatment of personal information

Article 1 Personal information
Personal information refers to customer’s name, age, gender, phone number, email-address, passport No., credit card No., residential address, occupation and inquiries.
Article 2 Application range of personal information

The personal information is used just for the purpose listed below:

  • To claim and settle the deposit and rent payment for the reserved house/room.
  • To update and change contract.
  • To announce service information related to customers.
  • For the marketing analysis inside the company.
  • To make user friendly homepage according to customers’ inquiries.
  • Useful materials for providing better service to customers.
Article 3 Disclosure to the third party

Basically, customers’ personal information will not be disclosed to the third party except for the following occasions:

  • With the agreement of the customers.
  • Even if the personal information is disclosed, the customer himself/herself cannot be identified.
  • When the account settlement is necessary (E.g. When the account is settled by credit card, the personal information may be disclosed to the credit card company…)
  • May disclose customer’s information at the very least to business trust corporation with whom we have signed the confidentiality agreement.
  • Required by the law.
  • To protect precious things such as life, heath, belongs and etc. of the customer himself/herself or the public.
Article 4 Personal information management

People in charge of controlling all the personal information will be responsible for ensuring the security and prevent the personal information from loss, leaking and falsification.

Article 5 Disclosure, correction, change and deletion of personal information

When customers hope to confirm or correct their personal information, if it is reasonable and necessary, we will take care of it immediately.

Article 6 About the use of cookie

Cookie is in use in this site for the purposes listed below.

  • For statistics on site access.
  • To customize customers using this site, like searching, reading, reserving, paying rent, updating or change contract, to keep information temporarily.

“Cookie Information” is based on the standard technology of so-called cookie industry. Fujimi House web server can be stored in the hard disk of customers by sending small size information to customer’s browser.
By using Cookie, it is possible to analyze which homepage the customers have read and whether the site can be used efficiently. However, customer’s identification is impossible.
Cookie receipt can be rejected by the setting of the browser that customers use or warning message may pop up when receiving Cookie.
If customer’s Cookie receipt is rejected, you can still use this site, but sometimes for parts of the functions, you cannot use.

Article 7 Access log

Access log is used to investigate the trend of customers using this site. So that we can know which page customers accessed, the IP address and browser type. However, we will not use them for personal information collection and analysis.

Article 8 Inquiry window about personal information

All kinds of personal information problems including complaint and disclosure are negotiable and we will deal with it honestly. For contents disclosure, correction and stopping using inquiries, or other questions and suggestions regarding personal information, please contact us by the inquiry window.

Inquiry window

Personal Information Administration Window

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