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About privacy policy

Your personal information will be managed with the strictest confidence as per our privacy policy.

Basic Policy
  • With the purpose expressed clearly, the personal information will be collected, used and offered on a fair and legal basis.
  • Proper management will be carried out to prevent personal information from leaking. In addition, regarding the problems of improper access from outside, loss, damage, falsification and leaking of personal information, the proper and rational precaution measures are also enforced. And efforts also have been made to ensure prompt actions when trouble happened.
  • We will take customers' right into consideration and try not to make any harm to customers when collecting and using personal information.
  • Any behavior that will do any harm to privacy protection will be absolutely forbidden.

May 2009
Fujimi House Co.,Ltd

About treatment of personal information

Article 1 Personal information
Personal information refers to customer's name, age, gender, phone number, email-address, passport No., credit card No., residential address, occupation and inquiries.
Article 2 Application range of personal information

The personal information is used just for the purpose listed below:

  • To claim and settle the deposit and rent payment for the reserved house/room.
  • To update and change contract.
  • To announce service information related to customers.
  • For the marketing analysis inside the company.
  • To make user friendly homepage according to customers' inquiries.
  • Useful materials for providing better service to customers.
Article 3 Disclosure to the third party

Basically, customers' personal information will not be disclosed to the third party except for the following occasions:

  • With the agreement of the customers.
  • Even if the personal information is disclosed, the customer himself/herself cannot be identified.
  • When the account settlement is necessary (E.g. When the account is settled by credit card, the personal information may be disclosed to the credit card company...)
  • May disclose customer's information at the very least to business trust corporation with whom we have signed the confidentiality agreement.
  • Required by the law.
  • To protect precious things such as life, heath, belongs and etc. of the customer himself/herself or the public.
Article 4 Personal information management

People in charge of controlling all the personal information will be responsible for ensuring the security and prevent the personal information from loss, leaking and falsification.

Article 5 Disclosure, correction, change and deletion of personal information

When customers hope to confirm or correct their personal information, if it is reasonable and necessary, we will take care of it immediately.

Article 6 About the use of cookie

Cookie is in use in this site for the purposes listed below.

  • For statistics on site access.
  • To customize customers using this site, like searching, reading, reserving, paying rent, updating or change contract, to keep information temporarily.

"Cookie Information" is based on the standard technology of so-called cookie industry. Fujimi House web server can be stored in the hard disk of customers by sending small size information to customer's browser.
By using Cookie, it is possible to analyze which homepage the customers have read and whether the site can be used efficiently. However, customer's identification is impossible.
Cookie receipt can be rejected by the setting of the browser that customers use or warning message may pop up when receiving Cookie.
If customer's Cookie receipt is rejected, you can still use this site, but sometimes for parts of the functions, you cannot use.

Article 7 Access log

Access log is used to investigate the trend of customers using this site. So that we can know which page customers accessed, the IP address and browser type. However, we will not use them for personal information collection and analysis.

Article 8 Inquiry window about personal information

All kinds of personal information problems including complaint and disclosure are negotiable and we will deal with it honestly. For contents disclosure, correction and stopping using inquiries, or other questions and suggestions regarding personal information, please contact us by the inquiry window.

Inquiry window

Personal Information Administration Window Fujimi House Co., Ltd.

Addrress: 1-26-26 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Japan

[Tel] +81-(0)3-6418-4666


(Business Hours Weekdays 9:00-18:00)

User Terms

User terms for those registered in fujimihouse.jp where you can search, read through, reserve, pay rent, update information or change the contract for the houses operated by Fujimi House no matter whether it is owned or managed by Fujimi House are determined as follows:

Article 1 Application Range

The terms are applicable to all the actions users take. Users can use the system only after they agree with these terms.

Article 2 User registration
  1. Users who agree with the terms can register. After registration, house reservation, deposit payment, rent payment, contract update and change all can be finished on line.
  2. No matter whether user registration or using, there is no any charge or annual membership fee.
Article 3 Personal Information

We will comply with privacy policy when dealing with personal information registered on the homepage.

Article 4 Management of user email address and password
  1. Users shall be responsible for the loss or damage caused by supervisory oversight of themselves, incorrect use or the third party use.
  2. Users have the duty to change the password regularly. Fujimi House shall not be responsible for the loss or damage due to neglect of the duty.
  3. Users are required not to let the third party use their email-address and password to register, lending, transferring, selling and pledging are strictly prohibited.
  4. If users are found not to access the system or change password for the email registered with Fujimi House for a certain period, we may prohibit it from using. Moreover, we may delete the registered email-address and password without users' consent when necessary or in emergency. However, we shall not take any responsibility if users are unable to use their registered email and password or any damages due to our action.
Article 5 Change user information

Please update or change user information through accessing homepage as soon as possible if registered contents are changed. We are not responsible for any loss or damages caused by not changing registered information.

Article 6 Withdraw membership
  1. To withdraw the membership, please complete the steps for membership withdrawal indicated on the homepage.
  2. Once users withdrew the membership, they shall not enjoy the rights and promotion related to registered email address and password any more.
  3. Once the user registration is deleted, registering again with the same user ID (email address) is not possible. To register with same user ID, please email us through inquiry form in advance.
Article 7 Notice

Notice from Fujimi House will be sent to users through the email-address registered in the homepage. Or notice will be uploaded to the homepage. However, Fujimi House may also use other notice accesses when in emergency.

Article 8 Payment method
  1. For the online payment, we only accept credit card (Visa, Master). For bank transaction and cash payment, required contents cannot be confirmed because immediate treatment is not possible.
  2. Based on article 1, users must be the card holder of the credit card used to do the payment online.
  3. Users cannot use others' credit card, false information and any behavior judged as improper by Fujimi House are strictly forbidden. Fujimi House has the right to ask for recompense for any losses or damages due to users' improper behavior.
Article 9 Reservation and deposit payment
  1. Online reservation, i.e. reservation through homepage, cannot be confirmed until the deposit is paid.
  2. For the payment with credit card, as long as the card company confirmed the payment, the reservation will be confirmed immediately.
  3. For payment by bank transaction, please do it within 24 hours. After finishing the bank transaction, please fax us the receipt of transaction. If we cannot confirm the payment after 24 hours, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
Article 10 Reservation cancellation

The reservation cannot be cancelled after paying the deposit. In that case, Fujimi House has the right to collect all the deposit paid by users.

Article 11 Change reservation

If users want to change his/her reservation after the reservation has been established online, they need to contact Fujimi House directly regarding changing procedures. In that case, users are required to pay the incurred additional charge to Fujimi House directly.

Article 12 Rent payment
  1. Users can use credit card to pay rent through homepage.
  2. Once the rent payment is late, users are required to pay the late fee incurred.
Article 13 Precaution statement
  1. The information of room availability and rent shown on the homepage may be different from that shown in other places.
  2. Fujimi House may change the rent shown on the homepage. In that case, the changed rent is only applicable to the customers who make the reservation after we changed it. While for those who has already made the reservation before we changed the rent, the rent when making reservation is applicable.
Article 14 Service suspension

Fujimi House may suspend or interrupt the homepage service without notification in advance due to certain reasons listed below. In that case, Fujimi House shall not take any responsibility for loss or damage to users caused by the suspension of the homepage.

  1. Regular or emergent homepage maintenance.
  2. Homepage service becomes impossible due to war, riot, labor dispute, act of providence, electricity failure or other emergency situations.
  3. In addition, during operation, the homepage may be suspended temporarily if necessary judged by Fujimi House.
Article 15 Exemption from obligation

(1)When making notification, Fujimi House shall not be responsible for any damages to users or the third party in the cases listed below:

  1. When making notification is impossible because of troubles from provider or the third party.
  2. The email address provided by users is wrong.
  3. The notification is delayed or cannot reach the user because of reception environment.
  4. When the homepage is suspended or interrupted.

(2)When using the homepage, users should be responsible for their own behavior and any damages or loss incurred to the third party.

(3)Fujimi House shall not be responsible for any loss or damages due to breach of the user terms.

(4)Though Fujimi House paid much attention and was very careful with the information shown on the homepage, the information completeness and accuracy cannot be ensured. When using the information, please judge the content itself and be responsible for the action. Fujimi House shall not take the responsibility for any damages due to information uses.

Article 16 Dos and Don'ts

(1)When using the homepage, some behaviors listed below are strictly prohibited.

  1. Any behavior that may violate copyright, property right, privacy or any other right of other users or the third party and Fujimi House.
  2. In addition, any behavior that may do harm to other users, the third party or Fujimi House.
  3. Criminal behaviors.
  4. Improperly use registered email-address and password.
  5. Falsify registered information.
  6. Making reservation and user registration with false information.
  7. Using or providing harmful program like computer virus and etc. to access or relate to the homepage.
  8. Breaking the ordinance or any behavior that may break the ordinance.
  9. Any other behaviors judged as improper by Fujimi House.

(2)Once any behavior listed above is found, Fujimi House shall delete the user registration without previous notice. And Fujimi House shall not be responsible for any losses or damages to users due to the deletion action. In addition, users are subject to the responsibility for any losses or damages to Fujimi House or the third party.

Article 17 Environmental setting when using the homepage

When using the homepage, please set the character code and email appropriately. Fujimi House shall not be responsible for any consequences of action taken when not meeting the requirements. In addition, even if all the requirements mentioned above are met, Fujimi House shall not take any responsibility for any influence if the homepage does not work due to users' computer and environmental setting of Internet line (including all cases that are beyond our control).

Article 18 Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

These terms are based on the laws of Japan. Any dispute regarding the use of homepage and service is up to the first trial of the Tokyo District Court which is the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court.

Article 19 Change and update of the terms

These terms may be changed or updated without previous notice. Please check the homepage for changed contents. Once the terms are changed, only the changed terms are valid.

That's all.