Furnished room, No Key money, No agent fee, Guarantor not required.

Rental System and Procedures


FAQ about Fujimi House, our Rooms and our Rental System

About Fujimi House….the company

openWhat is “Fujimi House”?

Established in 1965, FUJIMI-HOUSE CO., LTD. is one of the leading real estate companies in Tokyo, specializing in development and sales of high quality apartments and houses.
In recent years, with the increase of the customers from abroad, Fujimi House established a International Real Estate Division in order to cater for their special requirements and to provide good accommodation to foreign communities.

openWhat is the difference from regular real estate agencies in Japan?

When you rent a room from a regular real state agency in Japan;

  1. For example, it is usually needed to pay 2 month rent as deposit money, 1 month rent as commission fee, 1 month as an advance rent and a moving fee. It would sum up as much as a total of 5 month rents at the contract.(If a rent is JPY100,000, the total cost is JPY500,000)
  2. You have to look for a guarantor, or a co-signer who is Japanese.
  3. Most of apartments are not furnished, and you have to pay for utilities on your own. You have to apply for a internet service by yourself.

You can rent a house easily with Fujimi House:

  1. Every room is furnished.
  2. It is not necessary to pay for the maintenance fee, key money, renewal fee or to find a guarantor. Once a deposit of JPY30,000 is paid, you can reserve a room.
    Then, all you need to do is to pay for a guarantee fee(the deposit is used as a part of the guarantee fee) and the advance rent for one month.
  3. Utility frees(electricity, gas, water) and the Internet access are included in the rent, so you don’t have to do the paper works by yourself.
openWhere is your office?

Our office is in Shibuya, Tokyo. Please check out home page for the location map, the phone number and the business hours.

openCan I contact you in Japanese, English or Chinese?

Yes. Members of Fujimi House have experiences of living abroad, and are bilingual. You are always welcome in Japanese, English or Chinese.

About our rooms

openWhat is the difference between apartment /guesthouse?
  • Apartment

    You have a total personal living space including bedroom, living room, bathroom, toilet and so on.Gender is not limited under this agreement.Tenants may be one or more, however numbers are required to be specified and monthly rent will be different.

  • Guest House

    Guest house is a partially shared accommodation. You will have a private bedroom with locks while sharing the living room,kitchen, bathroom, toilet with other people.There are three types of rooms: Female room / Male room / Not limited Tenants may be one or more, however numbers are required to be specified and monthly rent will be different.

  • Shared room

    You share a room of apartment or guest house. A bed is only a facility for a private use. All the other facilities are shared among residents.Unlike the apratment or the guest house, a contract is signed by a single person for the shared room. A rent is set for a single person even when a capacity of a room is more than one person. A gender restriction for a room differs from a floor/building. A room mate is assigned by Fujimi House. There might happen to be no room mate under certain circumstance. A rent stays same even if there is no room mate.

    [A partment is served as a shared room.]
    A whole space is shared among residents. A living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, toilette and etc in a room are shared among residents of 2 to 3 persons.

    [A guest house is served as a shared room.]
    A partial space is shared among residents. Each resident owns a private bed in a shared living space. All the other facilities are shared among residents.

openAre rooms furnished?

Yes, they are. The setting of furnitures are different depending on rooms. Please see the room page for the details.

openAre Air conditioners equipped in the rooms?

Yes, they are. Each room has an air conditioner.

Basic rules and the merit of our accommodation system

openWhat is included in a monthly rent?

The utility expense like electricity, water & gas supply is included. The Internet connection is included in a rent as well. If a monthly expense for the utility expense exceeds JPY10,000, the excessed cost is charged to a resident.

openIs there a telephone available in a room?

Basically a telephone is not avialable in a room. If you desire to use a telephone, please contact us. Please note a resident needs to apply for the telephone line to a telephone company by themselves. A mobile telephone is recommended instead.

openWhat expense do I have to pay to rent a room?

All you need to pay is the deposit(Guarantee fee) JPY 30,000 and an advance rent for one month.

The guarantee fee deducted by JPY10,000 is refunded by cash to a resident if there is no damage/missing item when moving out.

openDo I need a guarantor?

No. We may ask your parents or family’s address if you don’t have a permanent address in your country, and a name of a person or a group that we can make a contact in case of emergency, but we don’t require a guarantor.

openWhat kind of document do I need to rent a room?
  • Passport(It reguires a valid visa)
  • Resident’s card if a resident holds.
  • A stamp seal (For Japanese residents it is requried. For foreign residents, if residents have them.)
  • Passport or driver’s license (in case of Japanese residents).
  • Resident’s card (in case of Japanese residents).

Fujimi House makes photo copies of the above documents.

openHow to reserve a room? How about from abroad?

The reservation is available with the following access. The option 1 and the option 2 can provide the reservation from abroad.

  1. Register at My Page and make the reservation from the Home Page.
  2. Contact Fujimi House staffs by e-mail or telephone.
  3. Visit directly at the Fujimi House office at Shibuya city.

Please note the payment of the gurantee fee is needed to complete the reservation. The deposit can be paid by the following ways.

  1. Credit card payment from My Page.(VISA/MASTER/JCB)
  2. Bank transper/International bank transfer.
  3. By cash or credit card payemnt at the Fujimi House office.(VISA/MASTER/JCB)Please see here for more informaiton about the reservation payment.
openCan I take a look at the room?

Of course, we would like you to take a look, as long as it is vacant. Please contact us to make an arrangement.

openAre travelers or tourists welcome too?
How about your minimum rental term.

Travelers and tourists are one of the main residents we are providing service for and definitely are warmly welcome. Our minimum rental term is one month.

openI am planning to stay for 35 days. Is it available to use your room?

You can extend your stay if it is more than one month.

In such a case, a cost of the excess days over one month is calculated by a number of dates. The rent for the excess days is figured out by the monthly rent divided by a total count of days in a month when moving out and multiplied by a number of your staying dates.

openI want to share a room with somebody, can you arrange that for me?

If you plan to live with somebody you know like friends and etc, please contact us.

openI am Japanese, can I rent a room at Fujimi House?

Yes, Please contact us directly for more information.

openMy friend is coming to Tokyo. Can I let her/him stay in my room?

It is avialable if a number of guests are within a prescribed number of residents. A guest staying fee of JPY2,200 is charged per one person and per one night. However a guest stay is not available for the shared-room.

openWhere should I pick up the key on my moving-in date?

On your moving-in date, a resident must come to our office(Shibuya) to sign the lease agreement and pick up the key.

openI am under 20 years old. Can I rent a room?

Yes, you can, but your guarantor’s approval is necessary. (e.g. authorization letter from your parents)

openHow many days prior to my move-out date should I inform at Fujimi House?

A residnet is required to submit a move-out notice to us 21 days prior to the move-out date. A move-out notice can be submitted from My Page.